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Branding Strategies That Finally Make A Difference! with Kim Speed

Episode Summary

Kim Speed schools us on branding but it’s a different message than you heard before! It’s the real deal here. It’s not about branding but what to do before the branding begins so you don’t waste a dime!

-the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when branding their business
-the secret to a successful brand and it’s not what you think
-why branding can work against your mission if not done correctly

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Kim Speed Podcast Transcription

[00:09:46]Kris Ward:  Hello, Kim, how are you? 

[00:09:48]Kim Speed: I’m great. How are you doing? 

[00:09:49]Kris Ward: I’m good. Okay. So before I dive into my basic housekeeping, I have my notes here, which I have to get better at because I sometimes write half of them. Cause I think I know what I’m thinking, but now I don’t. Okay. So we have. Knowing your offer, your ideal client.

[00:10:08] So I think I mentioned you, what I get constant praise about is when I tell them something on the show that they can go then try or test or look at. Right? So even though there might be conceptual things that are really important, they want tangible takeaways. So we’re talking, what is it, precise angle or hook for your episode?

[00:10:28]Kim Speed: Well, we want to make sure that they go out and actually speak to their ideal audience. And get feedback from them. That’s what I want. That’s the task, the very first task.

[00:10:42]Kris Ward:   Okay. Okay. So give me a couple of ways they can do that. So, during COVID it’s, finding people through forums, groups and connecting.

[00:10:58] So find your group that might have people in your audience and reach out to those people, not in a salesy way. You’re not selling anything at this point, you’re reaching out to connect with people and find out what kind of problems they have and what kind of issues that they have so that you can then make sure that you have an offer that eventually helps people solve the problems that they have.

[00:11:26]Kris Ward:  Okay. So we’re going to talk more about research before you put a product out. Is that your position? Research before product. So can you hear my audio? Okay. Knowing your audience. Can you give me like just quick four techniques that you would use so I can get a framework for that? 

[00:11:48]Kim Speed: So start with, researching your audience, researching what other people are doing.

[00:11:56] In your industry going out and putting a survey together and with questions about what people do. So more of a bulk answer, and then go in and find groups, forums, events, virtual events that you can attend, where you can find your audience. 

[00:12:18]Kris Ward:  Okay. All right. Perfect. Let’s see what we got here. Okay. All right.

[00:12:22] Now having said that, let’s take some. Get our work done here. Whoops.

[00:12:35] All right. Big smile. Perfect. 

[00:12:43]Kim Speed: Oh, you take your glasses off.

[00:12:47]Kris Ward: It’s my show you know, you’re going to take it in your, off your off. Okay. You go here. Oh, I did that wrong. That’s fine. Doesn’t matter, gallery. So good, gallery record use timer.

[00:13:13] okay. Kim speed. I can’t mess that up. All right. Okay. That’s getting ready to roll.

[00:13:25] I’m gonna skim over your bio if that’s okay. Okay.

[00:13:33] Purple moon. Creative brand market boutique. Okay. Oops. I want to start. 


[00:13:46] Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Win the Hour, Win the Day. I am your host Kris Ward. And today we have Kim Speed in the house. All right, Kim started her own business called Purple Moon Creative. I have to say that’s a creative name, Kim. It’s a brand and marketing boutique where she helps budding and building entrepreneurs to confidently step into the spotlight and attract loyal dream clients.  Alright, Kim, welcome to the show. 

[00:14:16]Kim Speed: Well, thank you, Kris. I’m so excited to be here. 

[00:14:19]Kris Ward: Oh, we’d love to hear that. Okay. I’m all about diving in and big takeaways because you guys out there constantly give me feedback on what you’re liking and I read every one of those testimonials.

[00:14:29] So keep them coming. I so appreciate them. It really does help shape the show. All right, Kim. So your big passion and mission is to make us think about. Before, you know, you’re growing your business or your next offer, you really want to research it instead of assuming, you know, what’s next pegged down and then a whole bunch of workout that doesn’t land anywhere. Correct?

[00:14:55]Kim Speed: So true, Kris, so true. So one of the things that I have really experienced is from working with people that come to me and, you know, they want brands and they want marketing and design and, you know, they’re all excited. They starting this new venture and it’s like, oh, make me look beautiful.

[00:15:17] And we talk about what their offer is and what their product and who they sell to. And I get blank stares, or they can’t answer the questions. And even if I were to make you look beautiful, you’re not going to sell anything. So I want people to realize there are foundational things that really need to be done before you even touch a font, a color, a logo, you know?

[00:15:47]Kris Ward:  Okay. So let me jump in. So most of our audience, you guys out there, you’ve been in business for a few years, so we’re not stopping, we’re not talking about starting from the very beginning, but what I will say, Kim is I know for me with my background when I wrote, so I was doing the, Win the Hour, Win the Day is all about stopping entrepreneurs from working so hard, And the element of that is creating your win team.

[00:16:10] Your ‘what is next team’ of what we call super toolkits. And, what happened for me is I was doing that for a number of years and then thought, oh, okay. You know, I can’t help as many people as I’d like to, with my own calendar restrictions. Maybe I was encouraged to write a book, create a movement so I can help entrepreneurs stop working so hard.

[00:16:31] Great. So I came to the game. When I wrote the book that I knew it because I had had these existing clients for a number of years and people asked me to write the book. So then I rate the, broke the book. Then I sat down, even though my marketing brain, I’m a marketing strategist is how I started out. Yeah.

[00:16:50] My marketing brain. I know, I would tell my client, oh no, you need to do some more foundational stuff or research or get some more information and then build the course out on a weekly basis. If you have a membership, we don’t just build the course out in isolation of your office. But I was like, no, no, I got this.

[00:17:06] This is different. I know what I’m doing because I had these relationships. I did that work, but I built up this whole little course and what people wanted, you know, when you’re dealing with coaching clients, even if you’ve got a lot, you’ve got what, 10 or 15, but then when it went online to a much bigger audience, they wanted it under that umbrella, but let’s say there’s fruit.

[00:17:33] They want apples. And I was selling oranges and it was an utter waste of time. So, like, I had to start over, but I was so sure because I had experienced it and I wrote a book on it. So I was sure I was on the right path. So even if you’ve been in business for five years or whatever, if you’re starting a new venture, a new product or a new service, I think the stuff that you’re speaking to is very helpful.

[00:17:59]Kim Speed: Well, and let me give you this example, Kris. I am my own worst enemy. And one of the things that I did myself was as I was transitioning from one-on-one in-person service to digital, I’m going to make a course, Kris, I’m going to make it a course. Cause you know, everybody says make a course.

[00:18:17] And I made that course and it wasn’t hitting the mark. And I was like, what the heck? And I was like, you know what? You got to go back to your own, foundational roots. I realized I had missed some of those steps because I thought that I already knew what I was, my expertise was, but I was reaching a different audience and I hadn’t reached out and done the research and done some of that investigation.

[00:18:49] And speak to those people that I wanted to help. Like I could help them, but how was I going to help them? And what is it that they actually needed? I wasn’t asking that question. 

[00:19:00]Kris Ward:  Yeah. And I think that a really powerful lesson before we dive into anything is, you know, what we eat, sleep and breathe their businesses.

[00:19:07] And then you hear something from two or three or five clients. And then you’re like, oh, they keep asking me that I’m going to help all these people with this problem. And then you just go guns, ablazing. And there are some questions in some blueprint and, you know, it’s kinda, kind of reminds me of my, one of my friends.

[00:19:26] She was, anyway, a friend of mine. Yeah. She’s an interior designer and I don’t, so she’s always re FaceTiming cause I moved into a new house and I couldn’t decorate an empty cave honestly, but so she’s always telling me, oh, move it there. And it looks so much better. Right? Mine was horrible. But I don’t know how many times this woman has said to me.

[00:19:43] Well, did you measure it? No, I didn’t. Oh that looked good in the store. It looked like it fit or, well, you know, every all air it’s so simple. Did you measure it? Did you measure the drawers? Did you measure that? No. No, no, I didn’t, but it’s just such a simple thing. And I almost kind of think of like our business, like, oh, you need to measure this before you.

[00:20:02] Before you put that thing out there, but because of your business, you think you know it inside out, but you don’t, like you can’t, you can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame. Right. So I think this is like, if nothing else you guys get from this, I think this is the lesson today that we. We just go, oh yeah, I got it.

[00:20:20] And I mean, I was so certain I got it. I was so sure. You know, when people tell me don’t do that, I’m like, no, yeah, yeah. I know that’s the formula. I know why you don’t do it. My situation is different, which is like the dying words of any entrepreneur, so, okay. So we need to be addressing and getting more information.

[00:20:39] There cannot be too much data. So where would we go to get this information? Where do we start, Kim? 

[00:20:46]Kim Speed: Well, the first thing you gotta do is go in and obviously do your own research and that’s online and finding out what else is offered out there.But let me just tell you, one of the other mistakes that people make is when they do that research, they think, oh, you know what?

[00:21:04] I’m going to do exactly what that person did. I see it, they look at all the success they have, and I’m just going to follow those steps. I know I can emulate that. No problem. That’s not going to work for you necessarily. I’m not saying it’s not, but really that’s really just,  gambling. You might as well go to Vegas.

[00:21:24] You do have to find out what else is out there. But then the next big step is to really ask some questions of the people that you feel like are in your niche, in your target audience. So, number one is what, what is easiest and how to get some of those quick answers fast is to do a survey and put it out there to  you know, some of the people that you are maybe past clients, but then go out there and find groups of people and.

[00:21:58] One of the things that I do when I want to try and find a group of people is I’ll go onto virtual events. I used to go to live events, but now obviously we don’t do as much of that, but now it’s actually made it even easier. So go on and do some of those virtual events and you get. If you get time with people in breakout rooms, you can ask them.

[00:22:19]Kris Ward:  Okay. So, so do some virtual networking, kind of what you’re saying. Okay. So get out there and start talking to people and just start asking questions, not to sell them, but just to start to understand the pain point.

[00:22:33]Kim Speed: Yeah. And you knocked it on the head there, Kris is, you’re not going out to sell anything right now, sometimes by accident, it comes, that’s a benefit that comes from asking questions because people actually realize that you’re interested in what they have to say, but that’s not the purpose.

[00:22:53] Your real main purpose is to find out what problems these people are having. How they’re dealing with it. Have they ever dealt with it before? Have they ever paid anybody to help them out with this? What are they looking for? And what is the language that they’re using? All of this is helping you to create a solution that actually is going to benefit and give them results.

[00:23:20]Kris Ward:  Yeah, that language thing is super powerful. I can’t stress that enough because sometimes, especially like, I’ll hear a client say something to me and I’m like, oh, like I could have never said that better. Like one of my clients said to me, you know what Kris? Cause we’re all about stopping entrepreneurs working so hard.

[00:23:37] She said, Kris, I feel like I’m a pilot driving a bus. I just can’t get to where I should be able to get there. Why is this not working? And I’m like, I’m going to cook that for like, that is just so powerful. And those were her words. Right. And then even when you stick the words in front of it, like as a client of mine says, boom, and they’re like, oh yeah. Okay. I can relate to that. So you’re right. That language really does matter.

[00:24:00]Kim Speed: Yeah. And when you’re starting something new, that’s a great idea either from your surveys or from interviews that you do with people. Make sure that you’re recording this and writing it down so that you can go back because there are juicy gems in there that you can use in your marketing.

[00:24:15] And if you say I’ve done a survey of, you know, a hundred people or more, that makes it even more powerful. This is what I’m hearing people say. And I’ve put together this product, this service, this program to help.

[00:24:30]Kris Ward:  That’s a good point. That’s a good point. Yeah. Even qualifying your numbers, I’ve done a survey.

This is the feedback I’m getting just that sentence alone is a good marketing language. Yeah. I’m loving it. Okay. All right. Well, keep bestowing your wisdom on us, Kim, what are some other ways that we can do? You know? So we’ve settled. We’ve accepted that the research is always, or I think, I shouldn’t say always.

[00:24:53] Is overlooked a lot. And we all think our case is completely different. Our situation, our scenario, you don’t get it. My business is different, so let’s just all, everyone take a moment, breathe in and breathe out and go. Okay. My business is not different. I’m not exempted from this global rule and proceeding forward.

[00:25:12] We’re going to start doing some virtual networking. We’re going to start using a survey. We’re going to start quoting that we’ve done a survey, which is a powerful message as well. Where else can we get some helpful data?

[00:25:25]Kim Speed: So the next thing that I would suggest in the progression of building, this new offer, this new product, this new services, if you’ve done some research, if you’ve done a survey and you’ve actually gone out and then some interviews, some, making connections, doing those one on one, doing those coffee conversations that are key, then.

[00:25:48] What you do is, make sure that you gather that information and suggest to the people that you’re actually talking to or surveying that if they’re interested in finding out more so that you get permission to tell them when you have something together. Okay. That. They’re already open to knowing that you might send them some information about this, but those are the people that you can use to pass it out.

[00:26:15]Kris Ward:  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah. Good point.

[00:26:19]Kim Speed: I would say don’t go out there guns blazing with everything done as I had made the mistake. Yeah. Then go out and do some form of a beta test. Okay. You know, or a sample program you know, something that you can test it. And maybe if it’s a course or if it’s a program, even one-on-one, maybe you ask for some, you know, Guinea pigs, some tests, people to actually go through it so that you can be developing it along and do it live with them.

[00:26:55] Yeah, I would say that you’re getting the feedback as you’re, you can see that they’re getting results or you can see where they’re getting stuck. 

[00:27:03]Kris Ward:   Yeah. And I think that problem with, I think it entrepreneur and another language might mean overconfidence. Like you’re so, sir, I know I am. I’m like, okay.

[00:27:13] Uh, because somebody said this or this happened and so you think, Aw, this is the missing piece. This is the evolution that we’re at. And so you’re right then you’re like going out saying, all right, I’ve got it now. But we know, we know, we know it’s. You know, it’s going to constantly be tweaked. We know it’s going to evolve.

[00:27:30] And so why then have potentially frustrated people as you iron out the kinks. So do a test group, and I’ve done that. I’ve been in test groups where they gave me a significant discount and I overlooked a lot of flaws because they gave me that discount. I’m like, yeah, we know they’re testing. That’s how I got in.

[00:27:47] It’s how I could afford it. All was fine yet. You know, you get it in your head. No, no, I got this figured out. It’s polished. Let’s go. And then, you know, there’s learning curves. Of course there’s learning curves. So common sense is painful. Competence is painful. That’s all. 

[00:28:05]Kim Speed: But you think about it too. Like, you know, one of the things I was doing was going from an in-person to an online world and,you know, you think that I’m just going to bring my expertise and give it to them.

[00:28:16] All of a sudden you’re dealing with all this tech and all of these new technologies. And even if you have help, you’re still dealing with them at the time. People will overlook any of the flaws or the. You know, the little errors that you make when you’re doing the test and you can push all that aside and actually get the real feedback and, and learning is happening because people are not judging you on that.

[00:28:44]Kris Ward:  Right. That’s a good point. Okay. All right. So we’re going out there. We’re going to do more research, get it out. And you can search for keywords online. The public, there’s all kinds of places online where you can do it. You can check out your competitors as long as you’re not swayed and convinced like that’s the, okay, now I’ve got to emulate them or this is how they’re doing it.

[00:29:05] But you know, making sure that you’re just checking out what the other… What I’m fine with when I check out competitors doing stuff is sometimes where I’ll see something is they’ll mention something that I’m like, oh, I never thought to break that down and talk about it. I think that’s important, but I guess it was either I thought too basic, or that that’s a really solid point and I will put my own spin on it. 

It’s just, I never thought to cover that topic. Like maybe let’s be silly and say, you’re teaching somebody how to make spaghetti. And you’re like, oh, well everybody knows go surrogate, tomatoes, do this, whatever. Oh, but maybe they need a few tips on why to use this tomato over that tomato. Right.

[00:29:45] And so I’ll see somebody else doing something similar to what I’m doing. I’m like, oh, that’s a really good point. Yeah. I should take that point. He extrapolated it and built it out. And that could be another training video or whatever. So you, you can be as we call, you know, inspired or swipe their approach without stealing their idea.

[00:30:05]Kim Speed: Or watching for those gaps, as you said. Maybe somebody missed the different types of tomatoes.

[00:30:14]Kris Ward:  Yes. Yes. Another piece of advice I thought was kind of smart. Somebody told me to go through the Amazon book reviews on a topic that you want to present on. And then look at the complaints of people like, oh, they didn’t cover this in this book or whatever.

[00:30:29] So you can just hit a button. And instead of seeing like all the reviews, you can see the one-star reviews and then you can look at what was the missing issue there. 

[00:30:38]Kim Speed: Yeah, that’s perfect. I like to go on Amazon and I like to look at the books and see the chapters. Sometimes we can see the preview and you can see all the different things that they’ve been talking about and then go, yeah. And then go into the reviews and see, I like to look at both the good and the bad. 

[00:31:03]Kris Ward:  Yeah. And you know what, sometimes what I say to people I say, oh, I forgot. I knew that, I knew that thing about the chapters, but I totally forgot it. So I’m like, I forgot. I knew that I’m like, ah, I was doing that for awhile and now we forgot about it.

[00:31:18] Okay. You reminded me. Okay. Mental note, everybody hears that. It’s me circling with the red pen. Okay. Chapters. All right. So we can be looking at the gaps of our competitors as well. We can be looking at what they’re doing. Fantastic. All right. So when do you feel people have enough knowledge that they can come to you and start working with you?

[00:31:39]Kim Speed: So after they’ve gone through and they’ve tested their programs and they’re getting some good results for their clients, then, and they’re ready and they feel confident enough that they can answer, you know, what they do, who they do it for and what kind of problems they solve. That’s when I step in and I can help them to make it,you know, Create the message.

[00:32:04] Create the look, create the website and get out and reach and start attracting those people. Helping them then shine the spotlight on their brand and give it meaning, give it back ignition and help them become memorable.

[00:32:26]Kris Ward:   I think it’s interesting to hear you say that because I know I made this mistake, but you would definitely think that somebody that was in your business would encourage this mistake where, you know, you think, oh, if I’m coming out, you know, I need to look professional and polished.

[00:32:43] So you get all bent out of shape trying to make this look polished, but you don’t, I don’t know. It’s like buying a really fancy dress for a party. You have not been invited to yet. Right. And, really. You know, we see people online all the time when the content is great, then nobody cares and you want to get out there and you can say, look, I’m trying this new thing.

[00:33:04] What do you think about these two logos, whatever. Right? So if you let people know that you’re building this thing to solve this pain point, they won’t care what it looks like. And I know we all do this. You get caught up in it. I’m so much better at this now, but it took a lot of years for me to let this go, like all a lot.

[00:33:22] Cause then you think, oh, I want to look. We all want to look professional, you all look professional and give amazing content. And then people you look professional because you sound smart. Right? So, so then, but it’s really interesting to someone from your industry because you think, oh, give me the cash and I will rebrand you later.

[00:33:39] So, you’re really standing behind what you’re talking about because it’s at. Not to your detriment, but I guess what you’re saying is like, I want to do this for you. Well, I want to do it for you. Right. And I don’t want to do all this, and then it doesn’t make any sense in six months when you haven’t figured yourself out. Right.

[00:33:56]Kim Speed: Exactly. You know what, if you’re not getting results, it’s not good for me either. And you know, one of the things that everybody gets hung up on, and I think it’s almost an excuse to not move forward is, oh, I don’t have my website then yet I don’t have a website. I’m telling you, you can use email, you can use, you know, a simple landing page that you can use free software for, then build something out to just get that word out.

[00:34:25] You can use PayPal to get paid. You know, there’s so many things that are basic and easy to use that don’t require a lot of time and effort, you know, and it doesn’t have to have even fancy titles yet.

[00:34:41]Kris Ward:   No. And you’ve been, you can tell people that you’re on the journey. I mean, I’ll tell you. I’ve mentioned this before.

[00:34:48] I think on the show, I, I just wouldn’t have the stomach for this, but I’ve seen people where they start a podcast and in the podcast there’ll be saying, okay, I’m starting my business. I’m a month in. And you and I are going to go on this journey and I’m going to interview people and learn as much as I can.

[00:35:03] For my business through this podcast. And I had to be talked into starting my podcast. I was like, well, have I been in business? Like, you know, I don’t know what I thought I needed to be anointed in some way or crowned for me to start a podcast. Same thing with my book. I was talking to them like, I don’t know why I thought it had needed another 10 years or a million dollars or something that could say here you are.

[00:35:27] You are the special one. And then there’s people out there, all kinds of them saying they’re starting a podcast. So you can come on a journey with them as they learn something that they have no idea how to do. So if they can do that, like you can just tell people, no, I don’t have a website, this is a new product.

[00:35:42] We want to, you know, test it in the marketplace. And we’re going to give you a really great price because you’re going to be part of that. And we’re really going to value your feedback. And you’re just going to really love. If you love this, wait to see where we’re going.

[00:35:55]Kim Speed: Yeah. I love that. Yeah.

[00:35:59]Kris Ward:  All my habits. Yeah. I tell you though, I just kicked myself how many times I delayed, we talk about that in ‘Win The Hour, Win The Day’, when I talk about, you know, the three things that are choking your business: Damaged Overhead, Delayed Income, Diminished Opportunity, Damage overhead. I can’t help it. I’ll have to tell you.

[00:36:17] I think, you know, Kim. Damage overhead is anything that you could be charging for your business. And so if you’re doing that work yourself and you could, let’s say charge a hundred bucks for that service. So now you’re paying, you’re charging your company a hundred bucks to be doing stuff basic admin that you could have for five, six bucks an hour.

[00:36:32] Right? So that’s hugely damaging overhead where most people think, it’s you’re saving money, but the other two: Diminished opportunity, meaning somebody already paid, they’re saying, oh, I paid somebody else to do that. I didn’t know you did that, but delayed income, man. That’s huge. Like huge, huge, huge.

[00:36:49] And that’s what you’re talking about was just get out there. And get these people paying for services that could pay for that website that you need, and just give them a discount and tell them where you’re at in the journey. Instead of all pretending, you know, shoulders back, I’m all growed up and polished and whatever. Right.

[00:37:07]Kim Speed: And one of the other things I talk about with clients is, you know, make your MVO. And what I mean by that is your minimum viable offer. Okay. You know, put something together that isn’t polished, maybe isn’t complete and put that offer out there and ask people to join in and then, you know, work like crazy to give them results.

[00:37:33] And then, then that’s when you’re going to get testimonials, you’re going to build your credibility and you’re going to have all of that before you go out and do your major launch.

[00:37:44]Kris Ward: Awesome stuff. All right. We’ve got a couple of minutes left. What’s one last thing you feel we should know before we sort of trip over the silliness of getting in our own way with this path?

[00:37:54]Kim Speed: Oh my gosh. So I would say. Don’t be afraid to step out there and tell people what you’re doing. So many people are, you know, starting something new thinking of a new idea and they keep it in their head and they don’t share. The biggest thing I would say is. Start talking about it. And they’re so afraid that somebody else might steal the idea.

[00:38:23]Kris Ward:  Oh, well, you know what, as a marketer, it’s so shameful because you know, my beginnings and I still do this as a marketing strategist. But what I would say to you is you’re still human. Right. And you can’t see the picture for the frame. So I know when I wrote my book, everyone kept saying, you should be online, should be talking about it.

[00:38:44] And I thought, yeah, I don’t want to be another person saying I’m writing a book because what for me is, in my personal life, I rather say, this is what I’ve done, then this is what I’m doing. Right. I never make promises, oh, I’m going to go do that. No, no, I’m a show in town. Hey, I did this. Right. So to me it was like, look, no messing around.

[00:39:03] I wrote a book here. I am none of this. Oh, I’m writing a book. And you know, it never happens, which is in my path anyway. So I don’t know why I was free to put the message out, but what a hot mess. And when I had to market it, and it just came out of nowhere, I’m writing this book and he’ll be out in six weeks.

[00:39:17] Well, had I, you know, they liken it to really taking a plane taking off, the longer on the runway. You know, it just, the plane flies higher. And I really, I was in a different head space for a bunch of different reasons back then, but, you know, it was really a silly mistake that I would have definitely talked my clients out of doing, but for me again, you have your reason, so you’re right.

[00:39:41] Share whatever you’re working on behind the scenes and let them know you’re doing all this stuff. But, you know what, as I say this out loud right now, everybody: listen to my business therapy. We’re working on this winner’s circle, a new group coaching thing for Win the Hour, Win the Day. And we’re putting the message out about that online, but I’m not showing every day what the work we’re doing to put into that.

[00:40:04] Right. So I should be adding, oh, we’re doing this feature. We’re doing that feature. You just get caught up in the work, Kim and then you forget to share it. You are too busy doing the work. Okay. All right. Okay, Kim, where can people find you?

[00:40:40]Kim Speed: So they can find me at purple moon creative.. And if they would like a copy of my book, I would love to gift them with that and get it, and you can get that at ‘’

[00:40:42]Kris Ward:  Okay. All right. That sounds great. All right, Kim, thank you so much. You were spectacular. We had great fun and everyone else we’ll see you in the next episode. Thank you.


[00:40:56]Kris Ward:  Perfect. I had fun, Kim, did you have fun too? 

[00:41:00]Kim Speed:I had great fun. Oh, good. How is your mastermind or whatever going? 

[00:41:06]Kris Ward:  Oh, it’s going well.

[00:41:08] So the mastermind will be on May 12th and then we’re starting the group the week after. So it’s going to be, yeah, it’s going to be chock full of, it’s really like I’m taking, I just, I have to keep my calendar controlled, but in my mind what I’m doing is. I am now because I’m at really very close to capacity for my individual coaching or what I call my mini group coaching.

[00:41:32] So when you have two people in a group, that’s fine. So I only have so many slots on my calendar because I have all these other things and I’m about the 60, 40 rule, 40% admin, 60% creation. So I can only be at 40% capacity. So in my mind, what I’m really doing in this group that we’re doing, it’s going to be one-on-one coaching to the masses.

[00:41:53] I’m going to be instructing it. Like it’s, one-on-one coaching. You’re gonna have Q and A’s, you’re going to be able to be on the hot seat. Very interactive, not lecture-based. So it’s really like one too many private coaching, so that’s going to be starting the week after, so it’s gonna be pretty cool. Yeah.

[00:42:09]Kim Speed: I would also like to promote that to my group.

[00:42:13]Kris Ward:  Okay. And what is your group?

[00:42:16]Kim Speed:  Just “the employee to entrepreneur group”. So if you would like me to, I’m..

[00:42:24]Kris Ward: Sure. Of course. What does ‘promoting’ mean? Do you want information or you want to interview, what are you looking for? 

[00:42:30]Kim Speed: I would like to post something and, yeah, if you’d like to, do a video interview just to help explain it.

[00:42:41]Kris Ward:  Yeah, that would be great. Yeah. Did you want to pick a time now? 

[00:42:48]Kim Speed:Yeah. 

[00:42:49]Kris Ward: Okay. Let’s do that. Oh Lord. Okay. Hold on one sec. Oh, okay. I have some spots next Wednesday. What time zone are you in?

[00:43:03]Kim Speed: Eastern. 

[00:43:04]Kris Ward:  Oh, great. What’s that called? On the 28th.

[00:43:12]Kim Speed: Wednesday is not great.

[00:43:14]Kris Ward: Okay. Yeah, no problem. Oh, no, hold on.

[00:43:17] Let’s see, I’m going to figure this out. How long would the interview be?

[00:43:56]Kim Speed: Oh, like I’m thinking, you know, 20 minutes type of thing.

[00:44:07]Kris Ward:  Okay. How about Tuesday at 1:00 PM? 

[00:44:12]Kim Speed:Tuesday the 27th? 

[00:44:13]]Kris Ward:No. Oh, sorry. Tuesday yesterday. I’m looking at the wrong week, Tuesday yesterday. So I had an hour yesterday that I could have interviewed.

[00:44:20] That was great. That’s awesome. Okay. Yeah. The 27 note the 20th. Okay. Okay. Hold on. Okay. One second.

[00:44:37] All right.  Tuesday, how about Tuesday? Noon, the 27th.

[00:44:45]Kim Speed: Oh no, you can’t do it. Can’t do that.

[00:45:14]Kris Ward:  Okay. Let’s look at the fourth. 

[00:45:16]Kim Speed:The fourth is actually open right now.

[00:45:17]Kris Ward: Okay. This is, hold on. Probably never show an interview. I don’t know what that is. Oh, no.

[00:45:33] Sorry. I just realized I got a double book there. Okay. That’s not good. On the 4th, can you do 10:00 AM on the fourth and Eastern? 

[00:45:51]Kim Speed:Yeah. Yeah. Or I can do any time on the fourth actually, so, okay. Okay. I gotta move some stuff around, but are you speaking Eastern time? Yeah. 10:00 AM for you.

[00:46:24]Kris Ward:  And where will I find you? What information, Facebook? you’ll take care of that? 

[00:46:29]Kim Speed: Yeah, I’m gonna, I’ll just do a zoom. We’ll record it. And then I will use it on my social media.It’s more like my group, but I will use it on other things too.

[00:46:8]Kris Ward:  Okay, perfect. Okay. Perfect. Perfect. Great. Sounds awesome. Okay. 

[00:46:50]Kim Speed: This is great because this is the kind of stuff that I like to bring to entrepreneurs. Kind of build and figure out the next steps. This includes myself. 

[00:47:05]Kris Ward:  Well, the group that is also the reason we’re doing that too, is because it’s so much more affordable.

[00:47:09] So like I said, it’s 500 bucks a month, or if you do three months, it’s 1200, but you’re getting a lot out of it. You’re going to get one-on-one time with me actually thinking of adding, when people start, I’m going to do a one hour free strategy set in that free one hour included strategy session.

[00:47:25] Okay. But then after that every three months you get a one hour strategy session and a 30 minute let’s get a win. But I think also we’re going to giftup front and original onset strategy thing. So there is definitely that. It’s the mindset of one-to-one coaching in a group setting, but also you will get some one-on-one time in there as well.

[00:47:44]Kim Speed: Great. And how many people are you going to take in? 

[00:47:47]Kris Ward: So I guess, I don’t know yet, but the really great thing is if you get in on the ground level, you might like, this is the first time we’re doing it and we’re going to, we relaunch it like every whatever, six weeks or something, you might be one of three people.

[00:48:00] You might be one of 10. So what I would tell people is.. You really want to get in, you know, while the going’s good, because the goal is, a year from now to have 25 or 50 people, but you’re going to get a lot more time upfront. So that’s where I would go.

[00:48:20] Kim Speed: Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Great. So we’ve talked a lot about what’s happening in the group and how it’s, the value of doing one-on-one coaching.

[00:48:31]Kris Ward:  Yeah, for sure. Okay. All right. Great. Wait, I’ll see you then. Thanks Kim. Okay. Take care. I’ll come by.