STOP Working So Hard!
It’s NOT About The Hustle And The Grind!
You’re Being Lied To!

Are you rolling your eyes?
Because everyone “knows” there are no shortcuts!
I’ll wait a moment… … …
Believe it or not, I’ve heard what you're thinking before.

You might be like Sara:

I’m WORKING 24/7 trying to keep up with the business I built. Yes, I want to make a bigger impact. I have a virtual assistant outsourcing and it’s a big help but I’m still exhausted and can’t see my way out! I don’t have time for any new projects

Or maybe you’re like Eric:

I started a podcast, and then it petered out when my other work fell behind. I do have some help but it’s not enough. I don’t have time to manage more people. I just need to get more organized. Small business systems and processes, seem like they will confine me more?

How about Jamie:

I have a small team now. But, I’m not happy with the return on my investment. The effects of outsourcing isn’t what I thought it would be? I’m constantly managing them and I never get my own work done. It costs a lot of money, and I just don’t see how I’m getting ahead? I’ve even tried outsourcing services agencies and that was a lot of money but no real traction?

Or Charlie:

I have so many things I want to do. I want to be an influencer but I can’t even post on social media consistently. I have a virtual assistant outsourcing but I'm still always behind!

Does This Sound Like You?!

  • Your passion projects are always on the back burner?
  • Every day you see someone online doing what you want to do! 
  • You’re so frustrated because you can’t get to your “real work.” 
  • ​You work more hours than you care to admit! 
  • ​You’re busy putting out fires to grow your business?

You like the idea of getting help but…

  • You have a virtual assistant outsourcing and you still don’t seem to be moving ahead
  • You don’t think more help will solve anything
  • You feel responsible for everything.

Let’s back up for a moment…

The formula you’ve been given is all wrong!
Most entrepreneurs are trapped in an administrative web
which results in long days and longer nights…
always trying to get to the “real” work.

You should be following our 60/40 WIN Formula!

This means you spend 60% of your time in creation work and…
40% of your time is spent on administrative tasks.
Because the only thing that makes an entrepreneur successful is…
Getting Ideas Your Ideas Executed!

Hi, I’m Kris Ward 

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!

You didn’t start your business to run a business or worse to be run off your feet. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about getting your ideas to execution -it’s that simple.

I worked insane hours the first few years I was in business. It was intense and counterproductive but I didn’t know any better. Luckily I turned it around and set myself up with a W.I.N Team and implemented what is now our signature Super Tool Kits. Because just a few years after that I was pulled away from the business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.

And when I returned after his passing, my marketing clients had no idea of my absence. 

“How did I manage that,” they asked. So I started working with them under the capacity of virtual assistant outsourcing and systems and processes. This is how Win The Hour Win The Day was born.

I help entrepreneurs like you get 25 hours a week the first month we work together. Conservatively I’m told we save you $50,000 a year. With some of the amazing effects of outsourcing and small business systems and processes you’ll be shocked how fast we can turn your small business around and get your life back! 

Join our Winners Circle Super Group!

1 Hour Group Coachings: 3 x a month

Hot Seat Sessions (get 1 : 1 coaching)

Q+A Session
(I’ll answer anything but my weight)

Super Ninja Tips and Training

 HUGE Super Toolkit Bonuses and Giveaways

Our Training Will Cover Things Like...

  • The Proven Blueprint To Get 25 Hours Back A Week.
  • The Secret Blueprint For Ultimate Effects of Outsourcing.
  • ​5 Ninja Tricks To Build An Amazing Team Of Outsourcing Services You Can Afford.
  • The 5 Ways You Can Have A Team That Takes Courses For You Using our signature Systems and Processes Super Toolkit
  • 7 Step Proven Formula To Get Your Ideas To Execution Fast
  • ​The 3 Ways To Easily ​Master Our Signature 60/40 WIN Formula With Our Small Business Systems and Processes Super Toolkits
  • ​​The Secret Formula for Finding, Hiring And Training The Perfect Virtual Assistant Outsourcing For Your Business.
  • The Ultimate Play Book To Building A Team That Manages You And Having A Rock Star Outsource Virtual Assistant
  • ​The 3 Proven Ways To FINALLY Crawl Out Of The Web Of Admin.
  • ​7 Ways to To Engage More On Social Media And Get Bigger Results While Spending Less Time Online
  • ​And of course… How To Stop Working So Hard! Because I believe your business should support your life NOT consume it! 

Free Bonuses Included!

The Fast Action Content Crusher Template! ($297)

It’s SUPER easy and all done by YOUR outsource virtual assistant. Yes, you have to be consistent with producing content but “you” don’t have to do it. We have the exact fast-action system and processes signature Super Toolkit for that!! All you have to do is follow it!!!

The 5 Step Ultimate Networking Playbook! ($297)

We will show you how to magnetically attract solid connections on social media, quick and easy. How to get your message out so you’re engaging, interesting and memorable in any group, platform or feed. With your virtual assistant outsourcing following our small business systems and processes Super Toolkits you’ll be all set!

The 3 Secrets To Staying Connected Without You Having To Do The Engagement ($297)

What if you increase your social media engagement 100% while you decrease the time you spend on it now? You can! It’s simple, quick and easy! It’s one of the best effects of outsourcing. It’s a game changer and I guarantee you’ll love it! 

The 5 Point Secret Formula For Amazing Testimonials And Social Proof! ($497)

Do you wish you had more testimonials? Are you always searching for that “one thing” someone said because you need it for this next thing? What if you could have a steady flow of AMAZING testimonials coming in and ready at your fingertips? You probably know by now that social proof is EVERYTHING! A robust catalog of great testimonials is EVERYTHING! Your virtual assistant outsourcing will easily manage this for you and create an impressive bank of social proof.

The 5 Ways To Grow Your Network And Net Worth Blueprint ($497)

Are you networking trying to make new connections only to realize you are rotating relationships instead of maintaining them? I did! For years, I struggled trying to keep up with new and important contacts! Only to find things slipping through the cracks. I can tell you several people who I wish still remembered me - ugh! Well, no more! Using your Outsourcing Services This Networking Magic Super Toolkit will put all that behind you! 

The 8 Ways To Become A PR Media Magnet Blueprint!! ($799)

Here it is! My secret weapon! I’ll show you how I was able to guest on over 300 podcast shows in one year! I’ll show you how to pitch for anything you want! I’ll show you how I get amazing and prestigious people on my own podcast! It’s simple, quick and super effective! I’ll even show you what people are saying about my pitch! You’ll see responses, testimonials… the whole works! Your outsource virtual assistant can do it with our small business systems and processes Super Toolkit!

The 5 Point Plan To Launch A Profit Podcast That Creates A Revenue Stream! ($1999)

Have a podcast or want to start one? But the admin work just weighs you down? Well, this is your lucky day!!! Podcast production companies have bought my Podcast Powerhouse Super Toolkit to manage their full catalog of shows! So if it works for them, it can work for your single show. Your outsource virtual assistant can take care of 90% of it using our systems and processes signature Super Toolkits!

The Ultimate Blueprint For Getting A Book Out FAST! ($1299)

Want to write a book or have any publishing ambitions? We can show you how to do that in a CRAZY short amount of time. It’s 100% easier and faster than you think! I promise! You’ll be saying “wow!” just like all everyone else does! This is an excellent example of how the effects of outsourcing can have a huge impact on your small business. 

1 New Outsourced Hire

I will personally recruit someone that will be the perfect fit for your business. Putting them through our 7 Point WIN Hiring process. This will be customized to your business, your specific needs and budget.

Here's What People Are Saying!

“It truly changed how our business ran and started serving us”

Shelley Johnson -Pension Specialist

"Changed my whole view on team building and how it REALLY impacts
your business and life"

John Nemo - LinkedIn Riches

“Completely changed my business”

Sue Pitchforth- Decor Therapy Plus

“I started seeing progress right away!”

Jackie Figueris

"Dramatically changed how I run my business and how I train my own coaching clients. Big results!"

Dr Emee Vida Estacio - Self-Publishing Made Simple

Wow! This has changed everything! 

William Winterton - Coaching Success